My Story





“Today’s images are tomorrows’ memories”

It is said that tragedy is often the catalyst for positive change. Thirty years ago this sentiment became fact for Derrick Anacleto. Temporarily out of commission from an industrial accident, Mr. Anacleto found himself with time on his hands to explore new avenues of life, including a latent passion for photography. He loved to capture a moment in time. He spent hours and days behind the lens, becoming more excited during each session about the potential of making photography his life’s profession. He had a natural talent for photographing people. He realized to nurture this innate talent; there was much work to be done. He studied, experimented, and became a student of the New York Institute of Photography where he learned the technology of the digital camera, composition and the control of light – both on location and in the studio.

Having learned all he could to make himself a strong competitor in the arenas of professional portraiture and event photography, it was becoming apparent to him through the reaction of his patrons and success of his images, that his ability to bring out the essence of his subjects was a God given talent that put him a cut above the competition. Not only was he capturing a moment in time, but he gave the viewer a glimpse into the personality of his subjects which made his images more powerful. This truly pleased his customers.

If you ask Mr. Anacleto what is most important to him in business, he won’t hesitate to tell you it is “giving his subjects exactly what they want and more”. He is open to suggestions from all patrons; this, along with his intuitive connection, produces the magnificent outcome he is noted for.  His attitude and skill has translated into repeat business from generations of loyal clients celebrating the milestones of their lives. Mr. Anacleto will always be there to create a profound visual record whenever he is called upon. He is a professional and a pleasure to work with.